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NBN box installation/Cancel nbn service

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So its nearly been close to a month since I registered for nbn. I received my modem in nov 2nd and have nt had internet since. I have been speaking to many customer support and on around November 8th I was promise that my address would be updated in 1-2 weeks max. There is only 2 days left until 2 weeks and i have not received one call about an update of what's goin on or what's happening.

At this point, I don't think they even care or doing anything to resolve my issue since it shouldn't take this long. Instead of calling and messaging here, I decided to just wait and lived off limited phone data internet but now I am completely done with this service.

If my issue is not resolve in 2 days for the 2 weeks promise, I would cancel my service 100%. I have given yous so much time but at this point I'm being scammed for this service. No nbn box, already paid $199, no internet.

CONTACT ME ASAP so I can start the cancellation process because I already know that you guys haven't made progress in my issue. I've had ENOUGH.

I have always hated my old adsl internet but now I regret even changing to NBN cause this process has brought nothing but stress to my family life.

Cancel please

Hi @eduardo23 


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

We've raised this with our NBN service delivery team and your case manager will be in touch with you within the day to discuss this further.