NBN not working

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I had an installation booked today 8am -12pm. The technician did not show up nor did I get any call or text from them. Yet, I’ve received an email stating my nbn is active though it is not and the internet light is not on. I’ve connected the modem as per the pictures and instructions provided.

Please help me with this. I waited a week for this technician who happened to be a no show and now I still don’t have an internet connection.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

Hi @fatima003


Welcome to Community! 


I did check the status of your service and it already shows activated. There are instances that the technician is able to activate the service from the outside line, though we still require someone to be present during the visit in the event that the tech will need to do further testings inside the premise. 


Despite being activated from the node, it showed from the line test that there is no signal that is pushing through neither on the wall socket or the modem. The issue is now raised directly to NBN Co and the assigned Engineer is awaiting updates if another tech visit is a possibility to check on the line further. 


The update will be provided either via SMS or phone call as soon as it becomes available. 


We apologise for the inconvenience.