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NBN power cable missing

Level 2

I organised my relocation 3 weeks ago and received my modem to move into a new house. The NBN power cable is missing so I can't use the internet. I can't purchase an NBN power cable (the only available one from Jaycar isn't wired to a plug). After speaking with 3 different people at TPG on one phone call I managed to get an email asking me to plug in my modem after I had told the TPG call centre staff multiple times that I can't get internet without the NBN cable. When is someone going to organise an NBN technician for me as I have now been paying for a service without being able to use it for close to a month. 


Hi @angienilsson,


The NBN box or NBN equipment is provided as a whole set and should not be sold or taken upon relocation as it is NBN Co's property. 


Nevertheless, we'd be glad to sort this out for you. PM us with your Customer ID or username so we can check which type of NBN box you have.