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NBN with broken phone line?

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Hello, I would like to sign up for TPG NBN, i have been trying to get in contact with TPG but noone seems to be able to reply.

I am moving into a house in 2 weeks which has a BROKEN telephone line, a big truck or so must have cut it in half as it is lying half broken in the driveway. Now, i do not need a telephone line as i only use my mobile. BUT i would like to sign up for NBN.

I was wondering would NBN still work with a broken telephone line? I typed my address into the search field to check what type of internet there is and it says a NODE connection is ready to use.

Please help. Thank you.

Hi @JessBabin 


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If the NBN technology that will be available for you is FTTN (Fibre to the Node), then the copper wire from the Node to your premises will be utilised.


In order for us to raise this for an investigation with NBN Co., an order needs to be lodged first.


Please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted along with the complete address of your new house.


How to send a PM? Click here.





Hi @JessBabin 


Thank you for your PM. You will be contacted by our Sales Team via email regarding your interest.


The address you gave has been tagged as Service Class 13 by NBNCo. This means that NBNCo recognizes that either there has been or there is currently an existing NBN service at the address you gave.

So what do we expect once the order is in place? Since it's Service Class 13, NBNCo will most likely tag your order as completed without a tech visit since it's supposed to be for remote activation in the first place. However, if your lead-in cable is broken, you won't be able to get the service to work which means that once you contact our Technical Team for assistance, they will need to raise this to NBNCo for service restoration.



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Thank you Will for your help
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Thank you, and thank you for contacting me with help via email.