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NCD box connection light flashing blue

Level 2

Hi TPG community!

Moved house this week and service is now fttc.

On thursday I received the sms saying " your nbn service is awaiting activation, your'e required to connect your nbn modem.


NCD box and modem conncected as shown by the nbn fttc setup guide from previous sms.


Has been on since thursday and the ncd box power light is solid but the connection light has been continually flashing since.


Just hoping to get confirmation on if the service is active and there is a connection issue or its not actually active yet?




Hi @YNWA8896


We were able to locate your account using your community details and learned that your address is tagged as Service class 33. This can be remotely activated however, it appears that we are still not detecting both equipment.


You may check this Community article for reference:


A call back has been organised today from one of our Case managers to discuss the status of the service installation. 





Level 2
Hi Ahra_g

My internet started working the next day.
However, today had to unplug it to move it temporarily, I’ve plugged it back in and now it is once again flashing red/blue.
All tech is connected, has power and is turned on.
Please advise if whatever was completed remotely last time can be done once again.

Thank you

Hi @ardnaxela,


I have since raised the issue now to our Engineering team to further check on the connection. Please ensure to keep the modem connected and turned on for remote testing purposes. 


Updates will be provided via phone call or SMS.