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Hi, we received the TPG modem yesterday with the NBN box and everything is flashing correctly however when we connect to wifi it says “your newly installed broadband equipment is waiting to be configured”. We have reset it over 10 times and it’s been more than 24 hours now. Anyone know how to get our internet working?
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Hi @Brendan1710 . 

This might help. Manual configuration of router.

Getting the equipment yesterday might mean the NBN/TPG setup is still a day or so to complete.

The lights on the NBN box and router don't flash in normal operation. Which lights on your NBN box are flashing?


Hi @Brendan1710,


For newly installed services or modem/homephone that requires set up, I would recommend checking out this article: 


New Connection Setup Help


I've managed to locate your account and have detected that your internet is now working. Should this not be the case, let us know of your most convenient time to receive a call so we can have our Tech team to assist you.