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We've just got NBN yesterday and it doesn't work. We connected our modem but the light is yellow on the NBN box and just flashes on and off on the modem. I've tried the other 3 UNI D lines but no lights come on. Our modem is Huawei HG659. I was told that we didn't need a new modem but I'm now wondering if we do.

Hi @Tardis55 . The HG659 won't work on FTTP or TPG Data Only plan since VLAN ID can't be disabled.

Look at last comment in this thread:

There is no need to use a TPG router since the phone connects to the UNI-V port on FTTP box.

A TPG router does handle all NBN connection types and has the VOIP function if you need it in the future.

Otherwise, whatever is available at your local computer store. All routers have a common set of functions. Which one depends on whether you want extra functions. 

Do you know anyone with a spare router? 


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Hi David 64. Many thanks for your reply and explanation. I eventually got onto TPG and explained the situation. I was asked for info about my modem and told the lovely lady what it was. She said it's too old. I told her that I asked the staff member if I needed a new modem before I got the NBN connected and this staff member said no....(it's in the recording so that's proof on my part). The lady apologised and I will be getting a new modem and shipping free. It should arrive on happy days ahead.

Hey @Tardis55,


We're glad to hear you were able to reach out to us over the phone, and that you'll be getting a new modem free of charge.


If you need a hand with anything else, we'll be here 😊