No phone line

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Hi, I have just signed up for NBN with TPG but don’t have a phone line in my place currently. Is the only solution to have a phone line port installed? Thanks

Hi @annacusack


NBN Installation has different Service Class types. Yours is under Service Class 34 which means TPG will send the NCD box together with the modem/router. Then, customer will connect these devices inside the house. Remote activation is likely to happen. 


NBN FTTC does require a phone socket as this is where the NCD will be connected. However, apartments/dwelling units have a different type of set up. 


I would recommend to check with the building admin if there are other tenants who has the same type of connection as yours and if they had to install a phone socket inside your premise. This will save us time so we can inform our Provisioning Team sooner if a NBN technician or a private tech is required. 



You may check these articles for reference:



Let us know how it goes.