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Level 1c

5 business days have passed and number still not ported across to TPG. I must have been destined for the worst NBN connection experience ever!


@stevekain I understand your concern completely and I apologize if I cannot give you better information right now.


Delays in the NBN internet installation and 3rd party systems have affected the number porting.

TPG provisioning team is in contact with Optus in order to complete the number porting request.


We will keep you posted as soon as we receive important updates.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

Level 1c

Thanks Joseph. Subsequent to your message I spoke to Optus who advised that my number is still active but they do not have a port request from TPG to act on. You can imagine my disappointment. The only request they have is the original one from the first attempt received by Optus from TPG on 24/7/19. Optus accepted the port out request on 25/7/19 – no further action was taken – I believe the request has now timed out?


Accordingly it is my understanding that TPG should have submitted another port in request when we finally got connected a week ago.


The hold up in porting our phone number would appear to be due to TPG not submitting another port in request (which is obviously very disappointing from my perspective).


I can only hope that a new port in request has now been sent to Optus and that someone from TPG will take ownership of this issue and ensure that my number is ported across to TPG without further delay.




We understand that no apologies can make the service working, @stevekain


Our Provisioning Team has definitely resubmitted the porting request and is now in progress. As advised by @Joseph_D, the delay was due to a 3rd party system. 


We'll be in touch tomorrow for further updates.





Level 1c

Thanks Ahra. It is 4.20pm and no update as yet  - still hoping I might have a working phone this weekend.


Looking forward to some positive news, Steve.


You're welcome @stevekain. The re-submission of home phone porting may take 1-5 working days. Our provisioning team made the re-submission last 10th of September. We are expecting an update until next week. Updates will be provided when it's available by one of our Provisioning Case Manager.



Level 1c

Hi, another 5 working days have passed since porting request resubmitted 10/9 and still no news from the provisioning team. I was hoping for some sort of communication/update from them by now. Guess I'll send another request for an update to them and keep my fingers crossed. Steve


Hi @stevekain, we have made another follow up with the team handling your case and we'll revert to you once an update becomes available.


Hi @stevekain, we have received an update from our Home Phone Provisioning Team and we were advised that they expect for the number to be ported on September 19 or September 20,2019 as there was a delay from Optus side.


We'll continue to monitor your account and keep you posted for updates.


Hi @stevekain


Good news! Your number has been successfully ported. 


Your incoming call should be okay by this time. 


Should you require any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.