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Problem with recent new installation

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I would like to make a complaint to the service that has been provided to me recently, I have recently try to port my number over from Telstra to TPG with a new NBN home phone bundle due to a final notice by Telstra that my number will be disconnected early November this year (which is 3 weeks away). So I called TPG and explained the situation I am in, and I was assured that I will have enough time to do that. So I signed up and I received an email for an appointment at the property, and because it's renovating at the moment so I don't have access to the property. So I called TPG again to defer my installation, and I asked if my porting of the number will still go ahead (I clearly explained my situation to them "that I will lose my number if the port will not go ahead). I was assured that my installation will still go ahead, so I requested to defer the appointment until further notice. This morning I received an email saying that my installation has been cancelled, and that my installation will not go ahead (WTF!)? So I call TPG again to verify what is going on, only to find that none of them can give me a solution to my problem after being transferred over and over and over till I lost count! And I would like to add that none of them seems to understand the main issue about "losing my number if the porting does not go ahead". The last person (so called "manager") was rude and not very understanding, not only she was not able to give me a solution but she ask me to decide what to do? I mean WTF? I thought TPG is the communication company right? So I assume that they would provide me with solution to my problem right? But no! I found myself more lost and helpless after that! I have been with TPG for over 15 years IaI haveIhave more thanathan 5 account with TPG and I am happy with the service that TPG has provided BUT they need better training for their staff to at least listen to what their customers concerns are and treat our problem SERIOUSLY!!!


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We were able to locate a number of accounts under your community details.

Could you please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to make sure that we're working on the correct account? We really want to help turn your experience around.


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