UNI-D 1 solid orange

Level 2
I have received email saying NBN is activated and have connected the router. It is not working and the uni d light remains solid orange

Hi @rhughes200486 . The Power, Optical, and Alarm lights should be green. UNI-D1 light orange means that a 1 Gbps device is connected.

If TPG supplied the router, it should be configured already or be able to self-configure.

Are you able to connect a device to the router?

Level 7

Adding to what David said, if you are savvy there is a test you can try that will narrow down the fault. If you connect a laptop direct to Uni-D1 with a Cat6 lead and set network on the laptop to the RSP with the RSP password, then you should be able to access the internet (as the modem's functions are in the NBN NDT box). If that works the problem is with your router or connections. After the test, don't forget to reset the network connection on the laptop to what it was before and restore the connection from the NBN NTD and WAN on your router.

Also, if your NTD box is properly connected (to the WAN port on your router) then the orange Uni-D1 led will blink occasionally.


Hi @rhughes200486,


For NBN FTTP service, please make sure to follow the steps from this article: NBN FTTP service


If you still don't have service, send us a private message with your Customer ID or username and we'll check your connection.