Slow Internet

Level 2
I have installed NBN12 and later updated to NBN50 as the speed was not good. Still the internet speed is same. I can’t even play a youtube on my TV. I have tried to turnoff the modem and turned on but still its same. I have only two device connected for NBN50 but still the speed is slow. When I turn on Tv, it shows no internet connection and cannot browse youtube. I have tried to contact technical team but after waiting for 1hour 30mins call got disconnected. Please help me to solve my problem
Level 15

Hi @karmachoki555 . What type of NBN connection do you have?
What model wifi router?

Does the router have a QoS or Bandwidth Control setting? If enabled, what is the setting?
If enabled, can you try disabling it.

Are you using an ethernet computer or wifi device for Speedtest?
What down and up speeds do you get with Speedtest on TPG support page?


Hi @karmachoki555, we recommend that you try the steps suggested by @david64 and let us know it goes. 



Level 2
I have NBN50.
Model: VX220-G2v
Wireless Gigabit NBN/VDSL/ADSL
Modem Router with VoIP

Hi @karmachoki555 


In case you are not able to perform the suggested troubleshooting by @david64 


Then send us a private message with your account details and we'll run some tests on the line.