Upgrade Modem router

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Can you replace my existing router which is very slow with a faster one say vr2800v  as  disconnect or stop the tv


Hi @Shankarr . What model router do you have? What type of NBN connection?
And what plan: NBN25, NBN50, ...?

What down and up speeds do you get running speedtest on TPG support page?

Is it ethernet computer or wifi device?

There might be some other fault apart from the router.


If router is out of warranty, you can buy one from TPG; might not be VR2800.

If you use the VOIP home phone, you have to use TPG provided router.

If you don't use VOIP phone, you can buy any other model.

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Hey @Shankarr,


We’ll find out what’s going on with your connection. Drop me a private message.