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Cannot call or text a specific number - both with TPG

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I'm an experiencing an issue with contacting my relative's phone number, both with TPG mobile. When I call, it rings several times, then I get an automated message saying either that the number is not available right now, or something similar. When attempting to text, the message seems to go through on my end, but is not received at the other end. Occassionally, a call or message will go through. This has been occurring for at least several weeks, and several months intermittently.


However, calls and texts in the other direction, i.e. from the number in question to me, do go through.


We have done the following troubleshooting steps:

- the other phone is not in Airplane mode

- have turned off manual network discovery, and reconnected to TPG Mobile network

- double-checked that I was not accidentally blocked by the other person

- rebooted both phones and tried calling and texting again


(Essentially, following the recommended steps in this article: Troubleshooting issues with Incoming/Outgoing Calls on TPG Mobile - TPG Community)


After all of the above, the issue persists. Note that I do not experience this issue with any other number, nor does the person experience this issue with any other number.


I have checked for planned maintenance, and there is in fact planned maintenance that could affect this service. However, I called TPG tech support several months ago, and the answer was the same - to be checked with engineers but probably due to maintenance. I have called again today, and the answer was to wait until 7pm until the end of the schedule maintenance.


Does anybody experience anything similar? Why is there an issue with calling or texting this number specifically when I have no problems contacting any other number?




Hi @1190840270,


We can confirm that the service is currently affected with ongoing maintenance in the area. We will keep an eye on this case and get back to you as soon as update with the maintenance becomes available.





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Hi Shane,


As advised earlier today by TPG tech support, I have waited until the end of the maintenance window at 7pm and tried again. Upon calling the number in question, I got an automated message "the number you have called is currently unavailable". Texts are still not received.


If this issue is indeed caused by the maintenance, why is it still occurring, and why has it been a constant issue for many weeks?


Also, why is it that only this particular number is affected?


Perhaps it would be pertinent to have your technical team look at this more deeply, as it is quite bizzarre.


Hi @1190840270


We'd like to raise this to our Mobile tech team for further investigation.


Shoot me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted today.