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International roaming not working

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Hi all,
Been struggling with TPG International roaming. Turned it on upon leaving Australia, it was working fine in Thailand while I was in transit. However upon arriving to the destination country (Russia) no sms message was received confirming roaming is on. Calls/sms are not working. No way I can call TPG as well for that reason. I can't log in TPG account as there is verification code to be sent to mobile (sms not working). I did restart the phone few times- no luck.
Extremely frustrating as before making the decision to stay with TPG I did call them few times confirming that they do provide roaming in Russia (zone 3). Had I known thats not true, I would have switched to another provider. Roaming mainly needed for banking which is adding to the frustration. I wonder if there is any work around (except for switch the phone on/off that has been done already).

Hi @OlgaI,


We'd be happy to help! Send us a private message and we'll go from there. 


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Hi Ahra,


I've sent you a private message.



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I've responded to your private message. 



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Private message sent to you Adib.


Some additional details:

Things done - restarted the phone many times (incl hard restart), flight mode switched on/off as well, reset network settings, went to manual network choice mode and got 4 available and 1 forbidden networks. I have tried all available networks and all of them are giving me same message "Unable to connect. Try again later." 

TPG Support advised that the roaming partner of Vodafone in Russia is Beeline (it is one of the available networks that I've also tried and it gives same message as other - unable to connect).

I have exhausted all the means on my end and requested TPG Support to reach out to Vodafone for them to confirm whether they still actually offer roaming with Beeline in Russia. 

My friends travel in Russia with Vodafone sim card and it does have roaming so it makes me think the issue is on TPG end. I have tried 3 phones, 1 of them is brand new - still no luck, so its not about the phone.

Roaming did work fine in transit country-Thailand.


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Despite moderators here saying they escalated the case to Mobile team, 4 days later no sign of this escalation. I have also requested Plan change - silence! 


The only way to deal with TPG is through Teleccommuniocations Industry ombudsman, filing the complaint today.