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New SIM card on old number

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We bought a replacement TPG SIM card for a phone that we thought was lost. We blocked the phone's old SIM card.
We subsequently found the phone. The new SIM card arrived today. When we went onto the website to activate the new SIM card, it was sending the activation code to the phone. We couldn't access the activation code on the phone, using both the new and the old SIM card.
After phoning the help line, they recommended that I email to find out the procedure. I did so, but received no response. I understand that to get it activated I might require a proof of identity.
What can I do to get the new SIM working?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @Blinky


We recommend checking out this article on how to activate your SIM: How to Activate Your TPG Mobile Sim Card


Otherwise, let us have your TPG mobile number or account number via private message so we can locate your account and chase the update with our Privacy team.