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Email problems gmail to tpg

Level 2
I can’t send emails from my gmail account to another person’s tpg account . They come back with the message below
Failed precondition: read error (11)

What can I do to fix this ?
Level 13

Hi @binnsv . Are you using a browser to access or an email app?

Can you send from your gmail account to your TPG account?

When you send to another TPG account, are you adding an attachment? If yes, what size?


Level 2
Thanks !
I am using a gmail app on my iphone 10 or on my browser ( Google chrome ) on my laptop with same problem . When I send an email from gmail to another person’s tpg account it comes back as delayed delivery (11) or undeliverable no matter whether there are attachments , reply to an email or sending a new email .
Level 3
I’m having the same issues.
Tried to send to two different tpg email addresses from gmail account via the gmail app and both have returned the same response as you !! This is very frustrating as the ppl I’m trying to email don’t have alternative addresses for contact.
Level 2

I'm also have the same problems and it's only from users sending emails from Gmail.


One user have provided the following report:


Reporting-MTA: dns;
Arrival-Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2021 20:11:15 -0700 (PDT)
X-Original-Message-ID: <>

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: delayed
Status: 4.4.2
Remote-MTA: dns; (, the server for the domain
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; read error: FAILED_PRECONDITION: read error (11): Resource temporarily unavailable
Last-Attempt-Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2021 22:08:32 -0700 (PDT)
Will-Retry-Until: Thu, 04 Nov 2021 20:11:15 -0700 (PDT)


I have people ringing and asking me to respond to their emails but they are not being received!!!


Level 3
I’ve emailed tpg postmaster and gmail help. So far I’ve had no replies and still getting the bounce backs from tpg. All other isp emails go through.
Level 13

Hi @Marcus1 . Can you send this error report to 

Emails from gmail to TPG are being delayed. Status 4.4.2 indicates Bad Connection. Resource temporarily unavailable. Gmail keeps trying to send.

Question to ask is gmail using the correct target server (

If so, is this server always available?


In the meantime, can you send an email from your gmail address to your TPG address. Put your local date/time in the subject to compare with the date/time TPG receives the email, if at all.

Do it at different times of the day.

Level 2

I have also been having this problem with emails from gmail to TPG. Reading the threads tpg are saying 'not my problem'. With the number of people having the experience, with many different IP addresses, can anyone more technical than I suggest how we get this resolved. Like most others I am frustrated by this... guess there is a possibility that gmail are vetoing those who forward all of their gmail emails?

Perhaps others who forward their gmails to other addresses could weigh into this and we can ascertain whether it is just gmail->tpg having the issue?

Level 3
I finally got an answer from TPG postmaster “Jerico”. I think it’s a bit of a cop out that they can’t filter spam out of legit emails.
This is the message received. No solution suggested and no action by TPG has been mentioned either.

“Due to amount of spam receiving from gmail servers, they were rated limited.

The more clean email they send the better IP reputation goes and rate limiting might be gone. However, the dirty email they send the lower it goes.

Level 2

This is disgraceful if that reply from the postmaster is correct. I am Treasurer of our Body Corporate and rely on emails from our secretary who is on Gmail. most of his emails are bouncing back and this is affecting our procedures. Just fix it please.