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How do move mail items from Spam box to Inbox on Android phone

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Is there a way to move non-spam mail from the Spam Box to the Inbox when accessing the post office from an Android phone?


I saw the response for Apple products but those options do not appear on the (not so) smartphone. (Samsung Note 9).


Moving the mail on the desk top tin brain is just a simple drag and drop but like many others, I use my phone more often than I access my desktop.






Hi @bakkers1 


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Thanks for raising this matter to us.


We can confirm that there's no option or you can't drag the emails to move to another folder using a Smart phone.


We will raise this with our Developers to make further improvements in the future.


For now, we suggest to use your PC to move the emails to a certain folder or use an Email Application on your Smart phone to manage your emails.