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been calling since 8am(AEST) waiting on the phone for over an hour now with not one human insight to pickup the phone, im urgent in need of tech support HELP!!!!!
Level 1d



after 1.5hr of waiting i finally talking to someone  ( i know it a long time to wait but im desperate)

Level 1d

UPdate 2:


connection issue is fixed for now however my DL/UP speed went down to 0.38mbps down and 0.23mbps up calling Tech support again, wonders how long i have to wait this time



Our technical team has opened an investigation on your service. The ticket number was sent to you through SMS.

There are no updates yet as of this point but I do see that the connection is currently up for more than 3 hours.

A request to have you contacted asap was sent and our technical team will contact you as soon as they have important updates.


Kind regards,

Joseph D