Installation with an inline coupler

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Next week I am getting my TPG connection in my apartment set up. One thing I noticed is that my apartment does not have a typical "telephone" or ethernet socket in the wall. Instead I have what appears to be a Cat5e punchdown inline coupler. I've attached a pic of what it looks like.


Will the technician be able to work with this and get my connection up and running?


Thanks for your answer in advance!

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Hi @theodore. Do you know where each cable goes to? The NBN signal normally goes on telephone cable but might be carried on ethernet cable. I expect the NBN technician will be able to manage this connector if your apartment is cabled correctly.


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and learned that you are under the NBN FTTB technology.

This means that you should have a phone wall socket available in the premises. If you are not able to see any available wall socket, then it will be checked by the attending NBN technician.


Further updates will be given by our NBN Service delivery team once available.