Wall socket connection?

Level 2

I was wondering if someone would be able to assist me.
I have received my modem, plugged it in and The internet is not connecting.. However I am unsure at as to what these sockets are (picture attached) and what I am meant to do.. Can someone please help 😅 (also if anyone knows what type of connection this is called, that would be appreciated 😊)
Level 15

Hi @shaystewart1 . It looks like a HFC connection.

(Go to www.nbnco.com.au and enter your street address; it will tell you the type of connection.)

Have you received a black box with 4 green lights (NBN box)?

And a wifi router?

Have you been advised that the TPG connection is active?

The double outlet might be to allow a cable TV connection at the same time. Either connector should work.

What is the yellow cable for in the picture?


On another matter, did you employ a cabling person to install the wall plate, or was it some-one from NBN, or was it arranged by TPG? Whoever it was, I would be complaining about the shoddy job; plate is crooked and the wall has been cracked.


Hi @shaystewart1


I've searched for your account and have detected an internet connection. Seemed like you were able to manage to set up the equipment? 


If this is not the case and you still require further assistance, please confirm your TPG Customer ID or username via private message so we can assist you further.