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Acknowledging a great 6 months in the TPG Community!

Community Manager

We are at the half way point of 2018 and just wanted to highlight some people and make some exciting announcements.


We introduced our new mobile plans to the market with very positive customer feedback.


The big news is that…………..



If you want to register your interest for the new mobile network you here,


We have had a good 6 months in the community and we could not have done it without you guys participating and helping inside the community.


In the TPG community we love giving Likes where Likes are due, so were here to recognise the contributions the following TPG community members have made since the start of 2018 (in no particular order):



Users most likely to offer a helpful solution:

  1. @sdcrotty
  2. @NBN50
  3. @Leigh63
  4. @dannykim1
  5. @solar1714

Most likely to get Likes:

  1. @orbistat
  2. @drbob
  3. @skozzy
  4. @grs1961
  5. @spiderchon

Most “likes” generous community members:

  1. @treffo
  2. @shamhat_the_2nd
  3. @Tahxia007
  4. @timc
  5. @orbistat


Also a big thanks to our Mods who have done a great job trying to help you guys. These Mods live and breathe community. Well done guys! 


Here’s to an even more exciting 6 months!