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Epic Failure - no Internet Connection

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I can not express my outrage as to the ongoing bad customer service TPG says it "Best & Fastest and Customer Service Provider" that is becoming more and more outlandish of a claim. I have spent since 9:30 AEDT doing every step that I am advised to do from your site & still I  can not get my internet up a running. NBN Co, has advised that there is no outage from their end.


What kind of telecommunication company can not have a 24hrs Technical Support team in place. It is not hard. And if I hear that COVID-19 doesn't allow you to provide us with the support needed, then the merger, which you guaranteed to the ACCC has failed and standards not met.


I tried the app and it would not SUBMIT my issue, that in itself is a massive failure.


Last year you messed me around for nearly 6 months, with excuses between yourself and NBN Co. You offered no Compensation to me when I supplied to your company that I had to use my 200GB data on 3 occasions and was charged like a wounded bull by phone company during this time. 


Now I can not get hold of a technician until 9:am on Sunday morning to get some assistance. This goes beyond the pale. I dropped my phone data plan to 50GB and I have work to do and study, I'm now using my Bluetooth once again to access the internet. This is not acceptable any more.


Simple time zone management - Switch over call centres at 9:00 pm to ACDT, then roll into WAST until a set time, then roll over to your Asian based call centres to when you decide to open  "Australian Call Centres" open. 




Hi @williamklaasen


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

We understand that you've been in touch with our Tech team and the case has been resolved.

Your modem is online and running within specification.


Let us know if you need further assistance.