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Messages going into TPG's spam box

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Hi, for sometime now, regarding of me registering email addresses as legit into the accepted addresses box. TPG still insists on putting numerous of these into Spam so that I never receive them in my inbox. When I do find a message in TPG's spam box that should have been immediately directed to my in-box, I then send (with TPG's compliments) that message to my inbox. OK, so far so gooid. When I check my in-box for the message, what I get from TPG is that the message is then from "Mail Delivery System" <> stating that the following addresses had fatal errors, and address rejected. User unknown."  C'mon TPG why can't you fix this? It simply goes on and on. Every time I re-send a message from TPG's spam box to my in-box, I get this idiotic message. Not good enough.  


Hi @Graham999


Thanks for raising this with us.


Are you using an Email client or the TPG Webmail (Post Office)?

Could you send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number along with the email address in question to check on this further?