First Impressions Count

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So i signed up 2 weeks ago today after moving house and after some good peer reviews after a 13 year tenure with iinet. Being a sister company what could possibly go wrong.....

First impressions were great, modem sent promptly, install date confirmed.

Install date, today, however never happened. Took the day off work as I needed to be home for the required time 8am to 12pm.

No one showed up, not even a call to say they were not showing up. Had to call TPG who said they are awaiting a technician report but will have someone call me.

I specified a prefered time, Anytime this afternoon would be great.

No one called at least not yet.

Am I suprised no not yet, read a ton of feedback on whirlpool and this community today and it seems a very common occurance with TPG.

I remember back in 2002 applying for essentialy the same product and getting connected in 2 days.... my god standards have slipped. I'll wait 2 more days to see if they call me. They better leave a message and not hang up Smiley Happy


Hi @pkdevine , 


Welcome to the Community! 


For NBN installation, it can generally take less than 10 days however we still provide a timeframe of 2-30 working days;10-20 working days for ADSL services. 


There are also instances that on the day of installation, additional works may be required after the tech visit.


Let us have your Customer ID or username via private message so we can chase the progress of the installation with our Provisioning Team. 




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I've nothing to hide, my CID is 687XXXX i think you misunderstood my post.

I understand these things can take time. No worries there. What i am concerened about is TPG's communication with the customer. Its attrocious. As I said First impessions count. 

I don;t want to go to Private message, i want the community to see a resolution to this issue.

Tech never arrived there is nothing additional, he did not arrive!.


he/she either decied to not show up. I took the day off work from the hospital for this as you suggested.



Appreciate you providing the details, @pkdevine


I have only requested to to have you send the account details via private message for the security and privacy of your account. 


We're more than glad to continue discussing your concern publicly as that is what this Community is for. 


Based on the recent updates on your account, the Case manager has since replied to your email advising you of the Telstra technician's report. 


As you are aware, Telstra is our wholesale provider for our ADSL services thus, we are subjected to their connection timeframe as well as scheduling be it for a repair or for an installation. 


The assigned Case Manager has sent a follow up and requested for another appointment and will be in touch as soon as confirmation is received. 


Please be assured that the assigned officer will continue to track the installation and will provide updates as soon as it becomes available. 


We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.





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Just advising I arrived at the apartment 7.30am this morning for the second appointment. I also advised the CSR last week to provide my mobile number to the telstra technician in case he has trouble with intercom system. I will be here until 12.30pm in case he is running late.

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update: Telstra guy has been to the basement but couldnt get a line or signal so is heading back to the exchange.

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He's been back and says he is done but still no internet :/


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Got a text from tpg asking me if i need help with jumpering no idea what this Smiley Happy so will call.

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So internet was connected yesterday and at first look it seemed fine.
Moved in to the apartment today and the internet is completely unusable. Who should I call to get help with this? The account page barely even loads.


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over a maximum of 30 hops:

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2 * 2468 ms 1991 ms []
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4 1437 ms 146 ms 112 ms []
5 306 ms 391 ms 777 ms []
6 2276 ms 2835 ms * []
7 2741 ms 1918 ms 1639 ms []
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Trace complete.


Hi @pkdevine


Thanks for the update.


We've tested the line and we did not detect any issues, but it clearly shows on the tracert test that you've provided that there's a latency.


Did you test it via Wired or WiFi connection?