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How to get past the L1 support desk? Line needs DSLAM re-jumpering at Exchange

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Hi Mods;


Case is either #8093873 or #8093716, or both. I work in IT (Service desk manager, with a PH-based team) and hold multiple certs including CCIE Route/Switch.


I have had a ton of issues getting this service provisioned. This was a new line build due to an existing Internode Naked service being screwed up. Telstra 'built' and tagged the line in my MDF however it was not actually there. TPG tech showed up, rang my line and shorted every inbound pair - no answer so the line was not actually built properly. I did have dial tone and it was for a Telstra-provided DID (02 9xxx), but not my TPG-provided DID (02 89xx).


Telstra then got off their behinds and got the line presented and tagged into my MDF. On Thursday 4th another TPG tech got my line jumpered over, and after that was completed I got the right line. I tested it outbound to my mobile w/correct CID, called back from the mobile and the home phone rang.


Unfortunately there is no ADSL Sync on the line. Talking with L1/2 PH-based support, there seems to be another PPPoE user account session on my DSLAM port, and they were adamant it was a mis-jumper at the MDF or my modem was not set correctly.


I have today gained access to the MDF and checked the jumpering, and I am indeed on the right pair and there is no jumpering to two internal outlets. The only thing left is that Telstra has not jumpered the line correctly at the exchange MDF - ie another TPG customer is jumpered into 'my' DSLAM port, but then into their line.


How can I get a case manager/specialist to look at this and raise a high-priority case to Telstra to get the issue fixed at the exchange? I mean they have screwed up the line provisioning TWICE already, and now need a third go to get it correct.

Also, why can't the L1 team run a in/out continuity test and see that if I am saying the line is unplugged, they still have continuity?


Hi @themonsta

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We can see that this issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team and they're now working on sending a technician. You will receive further updates via SMS or a phone call from the Case Engineer.


Nonetheless, we'll make a follow up to ensure that this case will be prioritised.

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Hi RiezIM;


That's great and all, but just "sending another tech" is not going to solve this issue. It needs to be clearly articulated in the case with Telstra so that they can review the current Exchange jumpering on this DSLAM port, and which ULL it is jumpered to.


If I have a working phone but no sync on all 3 DSL modems I own, then it isn't here at my end.


No worries, @themonsta.


Our Engineering Team is coordinating with our wholesale partner-Tesltra to ensure that the issue will be resolved.

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Well, unfortunately after a TPG tech visit today after telstra 'proving' the line in the last 2 days ends up as follows:


  1. Telstra say they cleared the line though to the MDF and got DSLAM test response at the MDF.
  2. Dialtone on line all the way to the socket.
  3. I have the correct TPG-provided FNN, proven inbound calls and outbound CID.
  4. No sync at socket.
  5. No Sync at MDF (test modem does not train the line)
  6. TPG tech shows line fault on tester.
  7. Engineering saying they cannot keep calling Telstra as they say nothing wrong.
  8. Engineering in PH keep telling me it is misjumpered. Tech today says otherwise but they keep pushing that line.
  9. They are seeing another TPG customer in my building with PPPoE sessions on my DSLAM port but it is 'very unstable, many dropouts'
  10. Other customer's port is not getting any sync.
  11. I am going around and around in circles.

Engineering is going to ask Telstra regarding other customer's line (why are they not on the correct port) and see where that lands us.


Only way forward I can see is if I go Telstra instead and make them responsible until the socket.


Hi @themonsta,


Our record shows that the assigned case engineer has been in touch and discussed the progression of the case.


Rest assured that we are painstakingly working on a resolution and our Engineering Team will keep you posted on the progress.


Good day @themonsta.


Our Engineering team was trying to contact you, but you were unreachable. They need to run some test with your help to make sure that the signal is going through to your line. Please PM us your preferred time for them to try again. You can also reply to the SMS that they sent you.


Kind regards,


@themonsta based on our tools, both yours' and your neighbour's connection are running properly now. Telstra and TPG tech has worked on the lines outside, MDF and internal equipment. This is a unusual issue involving two customer connections.

Let us know if you would need further assistance.

-Joseph D