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Billing cycle started before I've received anything

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I signed up on Thursday, got an email yesterday, Friday saying the modem was on the way, and got an email saying my billing cycle has commenced. Seriously, WTF, how can I possibly be charge for something we don't even have yet, been charged for a service that isn't been provided is against the law, and don't tell me that you are providing a service when I haven't even got the modem yet. I still NEED to pay Telstra because we still NEED internet at home, so now we are paying for 2 internet services, even though we only have the one with Telstra active. My billing cycle shouldn't start until i have received the modem and activated it. This is my first ever experience with TPG, and it's not off to a good start. May consider the cooling off period, get my money back and go elsewhere. I am not happy.


Hi @stephenkusz72


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The installation of the NBN service may take 2 to 30 working days. Since you have an active line from NBN Co, the activation was done remotely.

We understand that the billing cycle has already commenced, but a billing adjustment will be applied to the days that you are not able to use the service while waiting for the modem that we've sent.


We apologise for the inconvenience.



Level 2

Hi. I have the same issue. 

I have been charged from the 20th of October and the cycle end every 20th of the month, but I still waiting for the activation to be done.


Hi @Andreanguyen15


I've managed to locate your account and the charge was only the monthly fee since you opted for a BYO modem. 


Your billing cycle will only commence once your service is activated. Furthermore, as part of our billing system's automation, we charge 7 days before the next billing cycle.


For Installation Status, you may refer to this link: Installation Tracker


Please don't hesitate to reach out to us again should you require any assistance.