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Emails from Computershare not being received after migration

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@david64 wrote:

From 10th Oct PDT.  Minimal delay.  Sent to gmail address.



I haven't been here for a while so I haven't followed this topic. I did a post in early October regarding missing/delayed emails which didn't result in anything. My problems then like others here were with emails from Computershare.
I rang the Help Desk and they asked for details of the emails which was a bit hard as I didn't receive the emails to give them the details but I was able to supply details of delayed emails.
After many weeks I was advised that the Postmaster found no problems at the TPG end and were closing the ticket. No mention was made that they had had other calls about Computershare.
I sent off more details of email headers and received a phone call today. I was asked to log in online to the Postoffice (I use Thunderbird normally) and send myself an email. I found I couldn't log in due to an incorrect password. Odd as I hadn't changed it and Thunderbird had logged in 30 min earlier with no problems. So i was advised to do a "Forgot Password" and was sent a temporary password which I had to change once in. It would not accept a % in the new password. Odd again as my previous password had a % in it and had worked previously in the Postoffice log in. Well, not so odd because this explains why my log in failed today.
I sent myself the email and it arrived ok (as it had done other times when asked to do this). This brings a response like "good, it's working ok now".
So it seems that the approach to the missing/delayed problems is to say there are no problems and hope the individual goes away. 
Secondly the online log in process has changed some time recently to exclude special characters. Was this advised anywhere? I've not seen anything.

PS: Delayed/Missing emails are still happening from time to time.