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Fraudulent activity on TPG account

Level 2

Has anyone else in this community had their TPG account compromised? My father has a TPG account for home internet and phone, as well as 2 mobile numbers. Over the last few months his TPG account has been compromised, including:

1. The landline phone has been diverted numerous times to other numbers, preventing him from receiving calls from institutions verifying change of detail or transaction requests

2. A fraudulent TPG email account was created and emails from institutions to verify change of detail or transaction requests were sent to the new email account, so he didn't receive them 

I was wondering if others in this community had experienced similar issues and: 

- How did you resolve them? 

- What did TPG do to help? 

Level 2

I don't have a TPG Account yet they did a direct debit againt my account so watch you bank Accounts for FRAUD