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Not able to view current account information online

Level 3


I am unable to view account details online. All I am able to look at are the invoices that are emailed to me, which only provides a summary. I can see Home Phone and NBN online, but this is not complete information either. This means that with 3 mobile accounts and one NBN connection, I have no single interface to view or manage the accounts.

Note that none of the help videos help me.

I noted that each mobile service has a separate account. These need to be logged into separately but do not show the information.

I can only assume that there are multiple new accounts issued and that they are not linked properly.

Please assist.


Hi @snilsson


Welcome to the Community!


For the Mobile accounts, you need to use the mobile number or the new customer ID number that was given via Email.

Once logged in, you'll be able to view the information that you are seeking.


If you are still not able to see the account information, shoot me a PM with your mobile and customer ID numbers to check on it further.