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Why is that after 3 years of pathetic service, TPG still can't cancel my service?

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Crap service over 3 years with continual slow speeds and drop outs, TPG say if I don't like it, I can go elsewhere.


I have chosen to go elsewhere and cancelled their rubbish a week ago via a phone call AND confirmed it by email.


Still connected, probably still getting charged for bugger all - why?


Email sent to @ 6Z:29pm on 7th March 2019


Having endured 3+ years of you’re pathetic and useless service, I have leeched to follow your suggestions - We can’t fix it so if you are not satisfied with the service we are providing, go somewhere else!
I have decided to take up your offer for INSTANT CANCELLATION and your advice that you will waive the usual 1 month notice.
My details are (just to make your like so much simple as I wouldn’t like to make you go to to too must trouble) :-
Name - ****.
Customer ID ****
Address - ****, Guildford NSW 2161
Reason for cancellation - I refuse to pay any more money for non-existent service or to have my intelligence insulted by your personnel.
I also confirm that our earlier conversation with you was taped for security and training purposes.
Disrespectfully yours,
Alan Youngman.
Maybe they will cancel some time this year but I am not holding my breath!!!

Hi @Alan_Youngman


Welcome to the Community!


We regret to learn that this wasn't a pleasant experience hence you decided to no longer continue with the service. 


Our Engineers have concluded their investigation of the issues you have reported. TPG on-site and remote testing has shown that all equipment within the TPG network is working and that the current level of service is the best that can be delivered to you on your current infrastructure. I understand that one of our Engineers was able to discuss this with you.


Moreover, I've seen that an email has already been sent today from our Accounts Team to finalise your request. 


If there is anything that we can be of further assistance on your transition, please don't hesitate to let us know.