Worst Service EVER!

Level 2

My story start late February when I sign up for TPG NBN 50. Immediately it was cutting in and out for days. I contacted support who said that there was no problem, to later find out that the service was down in Subiaco. I was constantly on the phone to TPG, when they said the problem had been solved. My service was usable for 15-20 days, either not working completely or cutting in and out. 


I was fed up with TPG as a service and called up to cancel. An account excective pleaded with me to stay and that she would grant me 30 days credit when it's solved. I agreed. The internet was fixed a couple of days ago, however I was reluctant to phone TPG because I'd fear it would stop working again. I called up today - no one is answering the phones. TPG says to go on online chat. After 1-2 hour of waiting in line, a customer rep cancelled by turn in the queue. 


I was promised a 30-day credit and can't even get in contact with TPG. If this isn't sorted out soon, I'll move providers ASAP. 

Very disspointed with the service. 


@thejase128 Our apologies for the inconvinience as we are currently transitioning our telephone support team to work from home.




We'll have someone work on your case and notify you directly.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

Level 2


I have not heard back yet regarding my serivice query? 

Please respond.