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Bridging TP Link ARcher VR1600v And Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000

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Hello , Could i please get some help as to fixing my network here , I have NBN and running a TP Link Archer VR1600V suppplied to me by TPG . FInding that the modem router was to slow for my house i purchased a Netgear Nighthawk X6 R 8000 . It works fantastic but i cannot seem to get it on the same IP range , This is neede for myself to port forward multiple things at home , I have hear about bridging the modem but have failed in getting it to work , Idea from what i understand is to use the to link as just a modem then us the rNetgear Router to then be on the same IP range making it so i can use the port forwarding trigger , Is this correct? If not how can i fix this , Thank you in advance , Craig


Hi @Jabba468,


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We made an article that will help you on how to turn on bridge mode for TP Link 1600v. Please see this link.


Let me know how it will go.



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Hi Shane and thank you for the quick reply , I tried exactly that and still cannot get it to work , Do the cables ahve to be plugged in a certain way , Wan to Wan ? Wan to Lan , Lan to Lan etc . Also looking at the link you sent me when i go in this is what i see. Screenshot below



Hi @Jabba468,

It shows 'VLAN ID already exists' because of the previous connection setup, you can delete the previous connection and try it again.

However, I cannot guarantee if the port forwarding trigger will work on the modem/router while on Bridge Modem.

You can also try to turn on the 'DHCP Mode' of the modem/router you can visit this link.



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hi @Huy 


Did you ever get this sorted, I've just signed up and awaiting delivery/cabling install and want to use my Netgear D7800 also given its a much higher spec router


Hi @onemadgooner,


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From what I gathered, the Netgear D7800 is a VDSL2 modem and based on Netgear's website, this is compatible for NBN HFC. So technically, you can use this as a stand alone device, wherein you don't need to connect it to the TP-Link modem. That is if you are not going to use the homephone associated with your account. If you need to use the homephone,  then the TP-Link should remain as your main modem.


So if you're simply converting the Netgear D7800 to act as a router, then there's no need to bridge the TP-Link modem. Instead, you need to set the WAN Preference (of the Netgear modem) to Must use Ethernet WAN.



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Thanks Will, Hopefully when the installer comes out he will set it up using my router, if not and he will only set up the TPLink, then Ill have to have a crack myself once he goes ....Cheers



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Hello, I also have a Netgear D7800 and also it doesn't work with my new FTTC connection.

Is the issue connecting to FTTC NBN has been sorted out?

If so, please provide the correct router setting. I only want to use it as a router without a phone.


Hi @ed99


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Please note that we don't have any information with your Netgear modem and you may contact their support team directly for further guidance with the configuration.


You need to make sure that the Netgear is set to VLAN ID 2, then connection type is PPPoE which will ask for your username and password that pertains to your TPG account details.


The modem needs to be connected directly to the NBN NCD without any filter/splitter.


If it's still not working, you may contact Netgear support.



You also have the option to use your Netgear device as an access point. You may check this thread for further information.