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Constant ADSL dropouts since 3-4 days ago, Epping NSW


Hi @dartagnon,


I've seen that you have been in contact with one of our Technicians and the issue has escalated to our Engineering Team is currently conducting assessments on your connection. Further updates will be provided via SMS or Phone call.

Let me know should you require further assistance.


Level 2


TPG tech support called me last week as per your post, and they arranged a technician to come out this morning.

The technician was prompt and courteous, checked the lines and replaced some corroded connection outside the building.

However the connection was stable for maybe 6-7 hours before it started playing up again. 

I must say, even before the technician came, I had some days where the daytime connection was somewhat settled, before the evening connection becomes unbearably choppy.

This evening - the same night the technician visited - the connection has been really aweful since around 5-6pm today.

I am no expert but my ADSL modem shows alot of PPP related errors, and all this started around the same time NBN became available on my street.


I paste below the system logs from my ADSL modem router... hope it is helpful to the troubleshooting. Below is a typical scenario whereby the connection suddenly drops (#104) and repeatedly trying to re-establish the connection going up the table (ie. #82 is the most recent line, as shown with the timestamp, that appears to be in GMT).


I've had over 3 weeks of dropouts now, and am seriously contemplating on cancelling my service before the next billing cycle.



822019-01-07 13:08:40PPPInformationppp1 rcvd [PADO]
832019-01-07 13:08:40PPPInformationppp1 sent [PADI Host-Uniq(0x00006f26)]
842019-01-07 13:08:35PPPErrorppp1
852019-01-07 13:08:35PPPErrorppp1 Timeout waiting for PADO packets
862019-01-07 13:08:25DSLNoticexDSL Enter SHOWTIME!!
872019-01-07 13:08:15PPPInformationppp1 sent [PADI Host-Uniq(0x00006e73)]
882019-01-07 13:08:11DSLNoticexDSL Training !!
892019-01-07 13:08:05PPPInformationppp1 sent [PADI Host-Uniq(0x00006e73)]
902019-01-07 13:08:05DSLNoticexdsl HANDSHAKE!!
912019-01-07 13:08:02DSLNoticexdsl READY!!
922019-01-07 13:08:00PPPInformationppp1 sent [PADI Host-Uniq(0x00006e73)]
932019-01-07 13:07:59DSLNoticexDSL Leave SHOWTIME!!
942019-01-07 13:07:46DSLNoticexDSL Training !!
952019-01-07 13:07:40PPPErrorppp1
962019-01-07 13:07:40PPPErrorppp1 User request
972019-01-07 13:07:39DSLNoticexdsl HANDSHAKE!!
982019-01-07 13:07:37PPPInformationppp1 sent [LCP TermReq id=0x4 "User request"]
992019-01-07 13:07:36DSLNoticexdsl READY!!
1002019-01-07 13:07:34PPPInformationppp1 sent [LCP TermReq id=0x3 "User request"]
1012019-01-07 13:07:34PPPWarningppp1 LCP down
1022019-01-07 13:07:34PPPErrorppp1 LCP down
1032019-01-07 13:07:34PPPErrorppp1 User request
1042019-01-07 13:07:32DSLNoticexDSL Leave SHOWTIME!!
1052019-01-07 13:07:18PPPInformationppp1 rcvd [IPCP ConfAck id=0x2 <addr ###.###.###.###> <ms-dns1> <ms-dns2



Hi @dartagnon,


We apologise for the inconvenience as I reviewed the escalated case that there was not evident fault on the copper network, but the massive dropouts are still evident.


The case is being monitored by our Engineering team and will chase this with them for further investigation.


Someone will be in touch with you within the day to provide updates with the progress of the case.


Kind regards,



Hi @dartagnon,


I understand that our Engineering team has been in touch and they've requested for another TPG technician visit to further investigate this issue.


Updates will be given by them once available.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,


Level 2
I had 2 technician visits so far, and the drop out continues. It's been almost a month since the drop out started.
I feel that the internet service during the past month has not been worth the monthly fee I paid.
If the service is not restored soon I will have no option but to cancel the service, as it is really unbearable to use connection that drops every few minutes, and I had to rely on my mobile phone service a lot during the past month.


Hi @dartagnon,


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.


I've reviewed the notes and learned that our Engineering team is already handling the case and another TPG technician was requested to check further the internal wiring as they weren't able to detect any fault on the external copper network.


We understand your frustrations, as this has been ongoing for quite a long time now. Our Engineering team is doing their best and they aim to resolve the issue with the next technician that will visit your premises.


Further updates will be given once available.


Kind regards,