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FTTB contant drop outs and slow download speed

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My FTTB service has been getting frequent drop outs since Friday night, when I tried speed test it is getting 10Mbps download and then gets error when doing  upload test.  It happened last weekend as well, then the service seems to be  stable during the week days then it degraded again from Friday night.  Is anyone expericing the same issueSpeedTest2.jpgSpeedTest1.jpg


How are your speeds looking now that the weekend is over, @mcawu?


We'd like to take a deeper look at what's happening and make sure you see a consistent service. If you can send me a PM, we'll check it out.

Level 3

I've had an issue with my connection since June 27. It drops out every night. Of course the one night it didn't drop out was just before the service visit. Not only did the service man treat me like an idiot and change my router settings without asking if I wanted them changed, he didn't bother looking at the connections in the telco room under the building. He told me everything was fine. Since then the connection has dropped out every night. I've messaged TPG twice asking for the ticket to be reopened. I'm now researching new providers.


This isn't the experience we want you to have, @fthurn. We want to check out what's happening with your service and stop the dropouts.


If you can send me PM, we'll get to the bottom of what's going on.

Community Manager

Gotcha. We've escalated your case from our side. Our experts will be in touch with you within the next couple of days.