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Frequent Dropouts on NBN HFC

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Hi @chode0007,


We've seen that our Technical Team was able to contact you and  discuss the details of your concern. A follow up call will be discussed on the requested time. Should you require any further assistance, please let us know. Thanks. 

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Hi Jhoey,


Yes I had a rep call me about this and monitor my connected over 24 hours. We noticed a small dropout but nothing significant - being a weekday and timing it didn't affect usage.


However just in the last 1/2 hour I have had 2 dropouts within 15mins of each other, same kind of behaviour. Internet drops out, then NBN box does a soft reboot, lights off, blue lights, then green blinking and back to solid, then internet comes back on again. Lasts about 1-2 mins each time.


The log from that period is below. The timestaps are wrong, due to the modem time not picking up daylight savings, but entry 1 fixes that, which is why it shows an hour later than everything else.


At the very bottom I have a ping graph to and from about 13.10pm, the latency starts increasing from 25ms to 55ms, then a few seconds later it starts dropping pings altogether.


Can you have a tech look into this? Thanks.





Hi @chode0007,


We have run some remote test and was not able to detect any evident fault on the NBN network.


It is unusual that the NBN Box will reboot itself, did you noticed it before as well or this is the first time that you've seen this kind of activity?


We've reset the NBN connection which caused your internet to drop for a few seconds and reconnect. Please observe the service further if it's going to reoccur for us to proceed for further investigation and tests.


Kind regards,