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Frequent Dropouts on NBN HFC

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Thank you for sending the modem logs via PM, @racer_x.


Please continue to monitor the connection and if the issue persists, please let us know.


It would be best for us to get the light status of the equipment whenever the connection drops.


With regard to the details you have provided via PM, we'll look into it. Thank you.

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Thanks @Riezl


I will keep an eye on the modem if this happens again. The log definitely shows a PPP re-auth at 13:48.


That said - if the NBN logs you see show a stable connection for 3 days, it puts the issue over at TPG somewhere.


BTW, what is my nearest node? What outage notifications should I be looking for before raising any tickets with support?


We used to belong to the Rose Bay (NSW) exchange in the ADSL days. I don't know what this translates to with the move to NBN.




Hi @racer_x, we are unable to locate what's the nearest node as we do not have access to NBN Co's system.


We list all planned/uplanned outages on our Service Status Page located here:




Hi @racer_x,


Thanks for sending the modem logs.


It is odd that the session of the modem drops while the NBN NTD box is showing stable. This means that the modem is the one who's causing the issue.


Have you tried to reset the modem back to its default settings by pressing the tiny button on it? If not, please do a hard reset by pressing it for 30 secs then wait for the bottom to boot up.


It will automatically reconnect to our network within 30 mins or less. If not, you may need to configure the modem manually. Once the service is back and working, observe the service if it's still going to drop or will be stable.


Keep us updated with the progress.


Kind regards,




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Hi @BasilDV,


Just so I am clear - you're asking me to hard reset the TP-Link router supplied by TPG, and not the Arris cable modem supplied by NBN Co... Is this correct?


Once a hard reset blows away all settings, where do I go to enter in my TPG account username / password that are used by the router when it does the PPPoE authentication handshake with TPG's Radius servers?


Are there any other settings I need to put in other than the account username and password?



Hi @racer_x,


You are correct. You just need to hard reset the TP-Link modem and not the NBN ARRIS box.


The modem will re-authenticate with the NBN server automatically within 30 mins, if it fails, then a manual configuration is needed.


To Enter your TPG username and password, you need to access the modem interface ( then,









Once done and the changes are saved, the internet should start working.


You may also change the Wireless settings on the Modem interface if needed.


Kind regards,


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@Ahra_G wrote:

Apologies that you have been faced with some lengthy queue times today, @chode0007.


I've managed to run some remote tests and I don't see any line issues, however, I see connection drop outs due to over utilisation of your UL bandwidth.


Maximising the upload bandwidth configured on your plan may affect the download (Browsing experience). Simply imagine a 2 way road which can only fit a regular car. 1 lane for Download (DL) , and the other is for Upload (UL).


Normal activity will not affect the traffic on the road, but once there is a Big truck (DL or UL which consumes the entire DL/UL bandwidth configured on your plan) who occupies the 2 lanes, the cars (normal website that you've entered to a different device or same device) behind it will not be able to pass until the truck reaches its destination. 

If you upload more than the plan speed, this can cause your connection to drop as NBN will start discarding information you send across the connection. This is most likely the reason why you are experiencing the drop outs or sometimes slow connection.


To rectify the issue you may need to watch out for any random programs uploading, such as iCloud drive, dropbox, bit-torrent, one drive. Any of these can cause the connection to feel slow and drop, especially on the 12Mbps plan. You can try to perform an isolation test to check if turning these cloud applications off will resolve the problem.


We can have our Technical Team to perform troubleshooting along with you to further isolate any underlying cause of the drop outs. Just let us know of your most convenient time to receive a call so I can organise a contact to be made. 



Thank you! 

If there was an issue with my upload, how would you explain this latest dropout? I was nowhere near the 1Mbps UL limit, hovering around 5KB when the network dropped out. Clearly there is something else causing this drop out - either network congestion or something else on the other end that is causing the connection to reset.


Also if I am going close to over the UL limit, as with the DL limit, the network shuold just slowdown rather than reset it's connection altogether. What I am noticing is not a slowdown, but something is cutting off the connection causing the dropout.


Your suggestion to limit my uploads is not a solution to the problem, it may be causing speed issues but it should not ever cause a "reset" at the NBN NTD box.




I understand your point @chode0007. A reset on the NTD or the NBN box can be performed manually/directly on the NTD or can be done remotely on our end. When you said 'reset', were you actually pertaining to the time when the connection drops? Resetting means refreshing the whole connection itself hence we should not consider the drop as a reset on the NBN. 


Nevertheless, I'll go ahead and organise a call back to be made from our Technical Team. Just kindly let us know of your best time to be contacted. 




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Hi, I have sent a PM in response to this.




Got it, @chode0007


I've organised a contact to be made tonight between 7PM-8PM VIC. 


You may also notice a drop out on the connection as I have done a remote reset on the line. 


Please don't hesitate to let me know should you have further queries.