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Frequent disconnections on NBN

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Greetings. I have the same story I just read multiple times in these forums. I'm having daily random disconnections. Rebooting the modem sometimes helps, sometimes does not. I've been putting up with it for a few weeks but clearly there is an issue. It's was 5:30am and since I couldn't read the news this morning I came here as soon as I got the internet back.


My line speed is also pretty poor. I'm on NBN50 and getting 28/8 Mbps in off peak. At other times I can't even stream content in the middle of the day.


Please advise.


Hi @spryce,


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and tested the line, but we are not able to detect any fault within the NBN network.


Also, the service currently shows a stable connection. Do you experience the dropouts on a specific time?


We'll arrange a call from our Tech team to look into this case further. Please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted for further troubleshooting.


How to send a PM? Click here.




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Hey Basil.


There is no pattern. It happens at random times and clearly happens fairly often since I'm only here on weekends and evenings. When I have been here it usually goes through a disconnect / reconnect cycle over a period of an hour or two.


I first noticed it several weeks ago. I checked your website and noticed NBN were doing maintenance in the area so just decided to let it go. I can only assume they've messed something up. Apart from the entire $50B international joke they've given us of course.


I live in an average Brisbane suburban location. Confirm this for me please. If I'm getting 28Mbps on NBN50, what speed will I get if I pay for a 100Mbps connection?






Hi @spryce,


On an NBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node) technology, we are still using the existing copper wire from the node to your premises.


Just like on ADSL2+, the service is greatly affected by the quality and the length of the copper cable that's being used to provide you the service. Based on the test, the modem is getting 30 Mbps Downstream and 4.1 Mbps Upstream, which needs to be checked if it can be improved.


Are you available to receive a call today in order to check your service further? Just send me a PM with your contact details in order to arrange this for you.



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So the technician wasted about 15-20 mins exploring my local wifi network config until I again explained the issue was with the connection, not my local network. He then put me on hold for some reason while he went to the NBN system to check the status and connection history. He then returned to tell me it had been stable for 21 hours as if this was supposed to make me feel better about this crap service. After that didn't work he confirmed he could see that the connection was continually disconnecting and that NBN were doing some maintenance. I explained that there was no NBN maintence listed on the TPG website so he explained that it was unscheduled maintenance. I asked what area they were doing maintenance in. "Sorry I don't have that information". Right... So even though this has already been happening for 6 weeks now I am supposed to accept this explanation. Even more so that nothing could be done for another 2 weeks. Given that this is "unscheduled maintenance" the two weeks is obviously just a "lets hope it's fixed by then" tactic. Disgraceful.
Since then things have gotten even worse and the disconnections are more frequent. Not to mention my service has degraded even further to where I am now getting around 22 Mbps and a whopping 0.7 Mbps upload. According to the tech the fastest speed I will get is 34 Mbps. Ha.... I wish.


We definitely understand the inconvenience this is causing you, @spryce


We have been notified that NBN will be performing network maintenance work. Due to this activity, some services will experience a loss of connectivity for up to 0 hrs 20 mins during the change window. 


You may experience intermittent connection as we have been advised that the maintenance work may take until 11 November 2019 to finish. 



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Ha. Yeah. The date I was given was the 6th. Exciting stuff.


The network maintenance' estimated date may still change depending on how soon it will get fixed by NBN. 


We'll be sure to keep you posted for updates, @spryce






Hi @spryce


The new estimated time of restoration has been moved to 07 November 2019. Updates will be provided as soon as it becomes available. 





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3 hours this evening with no connection at all. A whole new level of awesome.