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NBN very slow in Cairns North

Level 3

For the past two days the Internet has been mostly very poor here in Cairns North. But the TPG report says there are no issues.

A SpeedTest, when it can connect at all, ranges from full speed (for me anyway) down to 1.89 Mbps download, 0.67 Mbps upload.

Oh, in trying to report this here, the connection has dropped out twice.


Good eve @peter3193,


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We've run some remote test and was not able to detect any fault on the NBN network. Your modem session has been stable for more than 1 week now. You might need to give your modem a quick rest for it to perform much better again.


Please turn Off the modem for a few secs then turn if back On. Let's see if it's going to do the trick.


Keep us posted on what will happen.


Kind regards,

Level 3

Well the tests you ran were not adequate for my location. I contacted TPG and they did a test and agreed there was a problem upstream of my modem. Issued ticket #8411902. They resolved whatever was the problem yesterday and its been stable for 24 hours. Ticket was closed today.


Hi @peter3193



Apologies for the confusion. I've managed to pull up the account that has the escalated fault ticket and it shows that the connection has gone stable now after the remote testings and investigation done by our Engineering Team. Kindly continue to monitor the connection. If the issue still persists, please don't hesitate to let us know.