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Neighbours are connected to NBN, but my location shows as "more work required'"

Level 1b
I have the same problem. Our properly consists of 13 townhouses all our neighbors have nbn connection except our premises. Our properties are newly build. They said nbn ready property . I don't get it.

Hi @Karmacharya58,


Thanks for raising this with us.


We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that this case was raised with the NBN Co by our NBN provisioning team.


We were advised that you or the townhouse Developer needs to apply for a New Development Application via the nbn website.
To begin the process, please be advised that you need to complete the Pre-Qualification form online at or search Register your new development on the nbn website.


Let us know once it is done and the response of NBN Co in order for us to proceed upgrading your service to an NBN broadband.




Level 1c

Hi, We have the same problem too.

I have checked the rollout for my address and it shows the 2 semi-detached terraces on either side of me as being connected, but  for my address the following information is provided. Is it possible to check why this is the case. We appear to have the box and wiring affixed to the front of the house.

More work required There’s still work to do before your premises is ready to connect.
Expected availability:
Jun 2020*
Please check back periodically for updates on when your premises will be ready to connect.
Planned technology nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)*

Hi @begerton,

Welcome to the community!

NBN Co has approximate construction times for the network, but as each area of the rollout is unique and comes with distinct obstacles and variables, these time frames are indicative and subject to change.

Note: TPG do not have control with the roll out of NBN technology it is determined by NBN Co.

TPG will be happy to contact you once NBN is ready at your address, simply register your details here:

Let us know should you require further assistance.


Level 1c

Thanks @Shane , I have registered there but curious to understand why each of my neighbours are connected but I am not.


Hi @begerton,


Unfortunately TPG do not have any information about NBN roll out delays or updates stating why they are not able to provide the service. You might need to contact NBN Co. directly on 1 800 881 816 for further discussion.