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Network routing issue to Tokyo

Level 2

Yeah, they sent a tech out to my house (not sure why) he checked everything was ok with my setup and he said it would be escalated. I received a call from TPG saying that the tech checked everything was ok so I should just use another game server...

I told them that is not possible and they have to fix this issue as it has to do with their routing or one of their providers.

I am guessing from what I read here (and other posts from Final Fantasy player) that nothing will be done.

Looking for another provider is the only solution unless you want to start spending more money on a VPN.


Sorry to learn that switching providers has crossed your mind, @Morespam


The member of our Helpdesk support whom you have spoken to recently has raised your concern to our Engineering Team to have the issue investigated further. 


Kindly await feedback via phone call or SMS from the assigned Engineer. 


We apologise for the inconvenience.