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No Lan connection on VR1600v

Level 2
Can't believe I got sent out 2 faultly modems!

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience, @marco1964


We understand that you were able to speak with our Tech team and updates will be given to you as soon as it becomes available.



Level 2
Hey @soulmate01 I have a similar issue. Straight swap from old modem to new and cannot get Ethernet ports to respond on the new modem with a range of Netgear switch attached which worked on a range of previous old modems. Direct connect from a device to new modem works but not with the switches, it seems there’s a problem with the modem LAN ports not working with switches to me but TPG support don’t see it that way. I’m wondering if your managed to find a way to resolve it.

Level 2

I gave up and installed an ASUS router and problem solved. The only issue I have currently is the I have lost VoIP services, so trying to get a way of converting the router to a device so that the VoIP will work.