Reserve email address

Level 4

Hi - I have 2 email addresses with TPG that I am paying for annually.

Can I add a third address to those that I "own", which is currently in use by me at TPG?

I have a week left with TPG and want to transfer this third email address to be accessible through my new provider.


Hi @robertjw 


We'd like to check on what we can arrange for you.


Please send us a private message with your account details.



Level 15

So, @BasilDV , what are the options for this user?

The user has a standard TPG email address as part of the TPG internet connection, and two email-only addresses apparently, paid annually.

TPG no longer offers email facility to new signups, and no longer offers changeovers to email-only, and also does not offer email forwarding. When the user cancels the internet connection, the standard TPG email address is cancelled at the same time. The user will need something in place to cope with the loss of the standard TPG email address. TPG may continue to provide the two existing email-only addresses.


Hi @david64


The only affected email address will be the slave one, which will be cancelled along with the main account.


The 2 Email only accounts will continue to exist.