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So fed up, frustrated & angry!

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Seven days of no internet, no phone, no Foxtel! After numerous calls, emails, & SMS replies to your issued “tickets” (3 to be precise) mid week I receive an sms stating that my internet had been restored. Perhaps you have me confused with someone else, as that never happened. Each time I call, ( we won’t go into how long I wait for a response) I get told that we have an outage in my area. Funny how other Tpg customers near by aren’t having any issues. I have suggested that when it rains the pit out the front fills with water & we loose internet etc. has happened twice in the last 2 months. Poured with rain a week ago when we lost internet, coincidence? In any case your staff didn’t want to know & there has been no suggestion of anyone coming out to make an inspection. So this leads me to believe that you absolutely know what the problem is. So, why isn’t it fixed already! Oh that’s right, it’s the NBN’s fault. You are my service provider, you are the one that NBN says I need to contact when there is a problem, you are the one that takes my money each month. I have been with TPG over 15 years & hardly had any issues until I  signed up to NBN. Stop giving us the same spiel, it’s insulting. Get engineers that know what they are doing & look after your loyal customers, who will only be loyal for so long. Ticket No. 9107413.


Hi @Claudia17


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We are sorry to learn that you are currently experiencing issues with the service. Being a loyal customer, I sure hope that this isn't the only impression you have with us. 


I've managed to check the escalated fault and have seen that NBN Co already assigned a technician to come visit today. We have identified that the issue is with the core network controlled by the NBN co. and is affecting a few number of homes. This unfortunately means only NBN co. technicians have the authority to fix this fault. Fortunately, we have an excellent working relationship with the NBN co. and we are now escalating this immediately to make sure that the NBN prioritises this fault.


Our Technical Team is still continuously monitoring the progress of the issue and should be in touch as soon as an update becomes available. 


We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you. 






Hi @Claudia17,


Our Engineering team was trying to contact you yesterday, but you were unreachable.


We are able to detect that the internet service is already back to normal after the NBN technician and electrician visited the affected site and replaced their Network Hardware.


The service is still being monitored by your assigned Engineer and will try to contact you again once possible.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,