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Sync/speed/packet loss

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Hi Shane, it settled down not long after I posted here. It is however back with a vengeance. I have tried the TPG modem and the modem I bought prior to signing with TPG and it continually disconnects, reconnects with incredibly low bit rate and will drop again shortly after it reconnects.
It is very frustrating.
Any tips for testing? Last time was a drawn out process and NBN did the usual dodging of ownership of the fault even though two techs said the same thing.
I have the TPG modem plugged in. No luck.

Hi @treffo,


I apologise for the inconvenience. I ran initial tests on your connection and it shows a possible line fault causing a dropouts on your connection.


I would like to arrange a call from one of our Technicians for further tests and investigation.


I'd like to get your best contact time and should I use the same contact number ends with *446 to contact you.



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Hi Shane, any time is fine, I have a few short errands but I am close to home. the *446 is the best option.

it seems to be disconnecting every few minutes and if not disconnecting, the synced speed and actual speed appear to be plummeting.



Hi @treffo,

I've seen that you have been in touch with one of our Technicians and did some troubleshooting already.

This issue has now been escalated to our Engineering team for further tests and investigation.

I will make follow up on this. Rest assured feedback will be provided where is possible.




Hi @treffo,

I've seen that you have been in touch with one of our Engineers and provided the escalated fault's update.

I'll keep an eye on this and updates will be provided where possible.

Let me know should you require further assistance.



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It was going great for almost 2 days, now can't hold connection more than a couple minutes with a much slower speed than normal.


edit - this morning


Upstream Downstream

Current Rate (kbps)630672007
Max Rate (kbps)630697169
SNR Margin (dB)8.213
Line Attenuation (dB)1611.6
Errors (pkts)16664

Hi @treffo


I've now forwarded these results to our Engineering team. 


They'll be in touch once additional information becomes available. 



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Hi again. The connection problem has become worse. It is also at different times get 1 DC and nothing for the remainder of the day. Other likes like tonight, constant DC and staying online for a minute. I asked a guy who has worked with NBN.CO and with a copy paste of this thread, emails and screenshots he has stated (same as tpg tech and nbn tech) "that is not a line issue".

Can I please have the fault report reference and the reference and contact to NBN.CO. I will forward this to TIO, obviously praising the hard or of all the TPG staff but highlighting the ridiculous position NBN.CO have put myself and TPG in.
NBN.CO mentioned during my last contact with them that a request of connection to another node has to come through RSP with adequate reason. This is an old area, I am connected 300m to a node (that is coincidentally the approx issue affecting my line) to the one 20m from my front door.
If I pay for a cable to come in and redo the one, single line and this does not fix it, does NBN.CO reimburse me? Or the time they have taken of yours while you did everything you could to help me?

Details and advice most welcome.

EDIT also of note how evey thing worked for so long after the Telstra techs went to the fault 300m and did whatever they did and things were perfect for over a week. If it were the cable it would have continued without pause

Hi @treffo,

Thanks for getting back to us. I apologise for such inconvenience, I will raise this to one of our Complaints Resolution Case Manager and request for urgent feedback tomorrow.

I'd like to know your best contact time and should we use the mobile number ends with *446 to call you.


Level 4
Thank you for such a quick reply. Yes the 446 number is perfect. Any time after 9am is great for me.
Thank you again.