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TPG to TMC - Not Getting Email

Level 7

All my Outlook emails are working fine, including an alias.

Level 3

@alanguide wrote:

All my Outlook emails are working fine, including an alias.


What settings are you using in Outlook. Is it accepting secure password authentication, and an encrypted SSL connection to the Incoming Server??

Level 15

@Marylee . What is the state of your Outlook and Thunderbird?

SSL/TLS used for send and receive?

Secure password authentication is not used, just Plain text password or similar.

What version of Outlook and TB are you using?

Level 2

Likewise it is over 2 weeks (20/09) and the only way I can get email is on the new TPG webmail page. I Tried recently and found I could send emails from Mail on my Iphone but not receive. Phoned TPG they said it was Messaging Co issue. Contacted Messaging and they say not yet migrated (after 2 weeks of being in limbo) therefore its TPG issue. My wife's email works ok on similar set up (hers is only POP acc). I did upgrades etc. Struggling for answers more so for resolution


Hi @phil101, could you please send your TPG email address via PM

Level 2

How do we get this problem fixed, migrated to TMC as instructed and now emails are not coming through Thunderbird but can access on webmail interface on phone so it's not a password issue??

Level 3

I am having the same problem. I am overseas and cannot download my emails to Outlook or Mail on my Mac, or to my Mac Mail on my phone or iPad.  When I login in to the web based account emails are there but they won't download.  I am able to \send emails from another email account to the tpg account and they are received when I log in on the web mailbox. I stopped receiving emails today around midday. I followed all the instructions relating to the migration to the TMC and received responses. I have an alias tpg account and the same is happening to that account except it started a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been able to download any emails for that address.  Are there new settings which apply?  Getting no response regarding this is not good enough.


Level 2

I'm having the same problem through Outlook.  The last email I received was yesterday afternoon.  Since then, my password is no longer recognised.

Level 7

Cannot receive my emails on Outlook this morning. Send/Receive error. Also cannot now access TPG post office (could earlier)..

Level 3
Me too. It was all fine until today. Not getting emails and not able to sign onto the online portal.

… it just resolved itself a minute ago….