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Thanks TPG for wasting me for an hour

Level 1d

My ADSL has been disconnected. I have asked for information in the community and I have not responded.
Call it back like today, wasting an hour
Finally, it was my cell phone problem, computer problem, and machine problem.
Excuse me, I just bought two days of I PHONE 8?
Computer equipment connected to the network route, then no network is a computer problem?

This kind of ** customer service attitude, there are ways to deal with problems

Really very disappointing

Finally remind everyone that you should never choose TPG in the future

Because you need to collect the installation fee and then install it yourself

Charge the Internet but no internet is available

7 days customer service There are 3 days to call and no one answered


Hi @yafei253699


We're sorry to know this wasn't a pleasant experience as this is not the type we aim to provide. 


We'd also like to have a better understanding of what's going on with your case however, I won't be able to review your account if we don't have your account details. For the quickest resolution, please send us your TPG account details (Customer ID, username or phone number associated to your account) via private message so that I may look through your records to better understand the situation and chase which department is involved.


You may find this link helpful: How do I private message (PM) in the community


We'll wait for your kind response. 


Thank you. 



Hi @yafei253699


I've since checked the escalated fault and it shows that an Engineer has been in touch and assisted you with the connection issue. 


Should you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know. 




Level 1d

I have called many times
All told me is my WIFI problem
So I went to buy a network route without using WIFI
But still disconnected

It’s my cell that affects my network
I bought a new I PHONE 8
But I didn’t use a computer. The cell phone network is also broken.

Can you tell me directly where else is the problem?

Level 1d

I just want the network to be stable and don't disconnect

The network is not always disconnected but when you use it

And it is very often broken.

Is there any difference between such networks?


Good day @yafei253699


Since you are experiencing issues with the WiFi connection. You may refer to this easy steps to improve your WiFi connection.


This will help you lessen or resolve the drop out issues with your wireless connection.


Let us know should you require further assistance.



Level 1d

I already said that I am using a network route without using WIFI


Sorry, as you said that you are not using a computer, then mentioned that the network on your iPhone 8 is broken.


Just need to clarify, what are the device that is connected to your network route? And what is the brand name and model number of the new network route that you purchased?



Level 1d

I mean, my computer is not using WIFI. I am using a network route.

Router using NETGEAR AC1200


Thank you for the information @yafei253699.


I understand that our Engineering team has been in touch earlier today and another call was scheduled for tomorrow. I'll forward them this note for further investigation.


Kind regards,