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Hi @BasilDV ,
What about the NBN25 plan? Is there any indicative or ceiling upload speed for that? I'm currently on the NBN12 plan and apart from the many dropouts, I'm also having a lot of problems with Zoom meetings that seem to be due to upload speed.
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@BasilDV wrote:

Hi @Smokey,


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We no longer provide an indication of upload speeds as part of the product specifications, however, I can advise you that the TPG plan NBN12 speed tier is configured with 1Mbps upload and the NBN50 speed tier is configured with 20Mbps upload.


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Hi @buonobuono


The NBN25 is only available for the NBN Wireless services. 


Furthermore, the NBN12 plan is ideal for 1-2 users. This speed tier is for basic internet activities such as emails and basic browsing.


If you upload more than the plan speed, this can cause your connection to drop as NBN will start discarding information you send across the connection. This is most likely the reason why you are experiencing the drop outs or sometimes slow connection.


We'd like to check what can be done with your speed. Please provide us with your Customer ID or username via private message so we can assist you accordingly. 





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>>The NBN25 is only available for the NBN Wireless services.

What do you mean "NBN Wireless services"? 


It's currently advertised on your page https://www.tpg.com.au/nbn which shows NBN12, 25, 50, 100 and does not say anything special about the NBN 25 plan which distinguishes it from the others.


Hi @kendra69


The NBN25 speed tier was recently added to the NBN plan, which is why it is now available.



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WRONG, your consumer 100 is now 100/20

@BasilDV wrote:

Hi @ck16


Our NBN plans and their configured upload speed.

  • NBN 12 speed tier - 1 Mbps Upload
  • NBN 50 speed tier - 20 Mbps Upload
  • NBN 100 speed tier - 40 Mbps Upload



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Hi @ck16,

I realise aswer is way too late for you. But since the question i don't believe was answered and others may also be wondering. Im on the NBN25 tier and have an upload limit of 5  Mbps.


So adding that to @BasilDV summary would give you:

  • NBN12 speed tier - 1 Mbps Upload
  • NBN25  speed tier - 5 Mbps Upload
  • NBN50 speed tier - 20 Mbps Upload
  • NBN100 speed tier - 40 Mbps Upload

Below i've posted a screen shot from my router where i have maxed upload to close to the limit.