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extremely slow adsl2+

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Hi sir/madam


The adsl2+ speed has become extreme slow since yesterday. the speed only up to 0.6mbps.

can you please check the issue?




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Seems TPG have chronic slow speed issues, good luck, we gave up on them after them lying for 4 months what they were going to do..jack.**e
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have you restarted your modem + pc


can you post a pic of your connection stats in the modem page that shows attenuation, noise margin, etc


Good day @keigoleung,


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I have run some remote line test and was not able to detect any issues or fault on the line. I can see that your modem is receiving a good sync speed with 4175 Kbps Downstream and 1020 Kbps Upstream rate given that you are about 3.69 Km away from the local exchange.


Were you using a wireless connection? Have you tried an isolation test by disconnecting all of your devices on the network and leaving only 1 device connected? Are you able to try running some test via direct connection to eliminate the possible wireless signal issue?


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hi basilDV
I have tested in 1 single device connected with wire connect, and have done a power cycle on the modem/router.

The speed back to normal on sunday later in afternoon. and it is slow again today after i come back home.

the speed now is only 0.7