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Cannot get Telstra Smart Modem Gen2 to work with TPG FTTN

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I want to configure a Telstra Smart Modem Gen2 (Technicolour Egyptian Blue) so it can be used as a backup modem (we get a lot of lightening uop here!). This modem was recently used on my brother's business Telstra account (HFC), and was working just fine.


I have factory reset it, and with my TPG login entered it connects to DSL OK. WiFi/LAN works OK, however, it does not connect to the internet.


The problem is that it is stuck on "DHCP connecting". It does not get assigned an IP address.

There are virtually no settings I can change. Wondering if it is somehow locked for use with Telstra only?

Screenshots attached.


Any help appreciated.




Hi @markymark 


Some Telstra modems are unlocked, and some are locked. We don't have any information on what to check to confirm this, but you may contact Telstra for confirmation.


Are you under the bundled with VoIP service? If yes, then make sure that the VLAN ID is configured to 2 and the connection type is PPPoE.


Also, based on the screenshot, the connection is configured on WAN port. Since you are under the FTTN technology, you need to configure the connection to DSL/VDSL port.


Let us know how it goes.




Hi @markymark . Info available online for this model indicates that it cannot handle VLAN ID which is needed for Bundled NBN/VOIP plan.

Level 2

Thanks ~ the modem/router was used with Telstra HFC NBN, so it used the WAN port. There doesn't seem to be any way to make it look at the DSL port for internet access.


On top of that is the inability to set VDSL ID to 2. So, no go with TPG in any case.